Seasonal Funny Poems

Seasonal poems are poems that have a special significance at a particular time of year. Some relate directly to the seasons - summer, spring, winter and autumn (as someone with seasonal order disorder might put it). Others poems are associated with individual days - religious festivals, feast days, high days and holidays. Some of the sections are a little light on poems at present, but we'll be filling them up during the course of the year to produce a bumper harvest of funny seasonal poems.

Funny Mothers Day Poems

Funny Mothers Day Poems

Mothers are not a suitable subject for barbed humour, being saintly creatures who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Instead, we have some humorous mother's day poems which are warm-hearted and endearing, but don't descend into sickly sentimentality beloved of some authors of mothers day verse.

Funny Fathers Day Poems

Funny Father's Day Poems

A collection of short poems about fathers and fatherhood. These father's day poems are funny, frank and occasionally rude, so if you're planning a poetry recitation to celebrate Father's Day, be prepared to light the blue touch paper, retire to a safe distance and await the fireworks that will enevitably follow.

Halloween Poems

Halloween Poems

You've a choice between funny Halloween poems and scary Halloween poems. Paul isn't a fan of the American Trick or Treat approach to Halloween and his funny poems take a rather twisted view of the shenanigans that happen at Halloween. In contrast, his scary poems are dark, ghoulish and very frightening...

Christmas Poems

Christmas Poems for Kids

A bumper selection of poems for Christmas, which include cute Christmas poems for younger kids, hilariously funny Christmas poems for kids of all ages and rude Christmas poems which are just for older kids. We've also included a collection of Paul's Christian Christmas poems, which provide a welcome counterbalance to all the frivolity.

Valentines Poems for Kids

Kids Funny Valentines Poems

A mixed bag of funny Valentines Day poems for children, which include poems to enchant someone you love and poems to repel unwelcome advances from someone you don't. Plus we've included a few anti-valentines poems to read for fun, if you don't go in for the whole soppy, sentimental 'love' thing.

Funny Pancake Day Poems

Funny Pancake Day Poems

Before I'm accused of misleading you, I'll confess that at present there is only one funny pancake day poem, but it's a cracker. It's also rather rude, so it's definitely not a poem to recite at school, unless you enjoy seeing your teacher with steam coming out of their ears. (In fact, there are now 7 pancake poems, but still only one to wind up teachers!)

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