Ex Libris

I have a special room,
Where all my books are kept,
But I'm rapidly running out of space,
Because I'm a compulsive biblioklept.

Book Lover

To understand the poem you need to know the meaning of the final word, which isn't easy as I made it up. However, the word is composed of bits of other, real words - words like this are known as portmanteau words, which is the French for handbag. I knew this was going to be complicated! Biblioklept is made up from 'biblio', the Greek word for book, and 'klept', the Greek for to steal. So a bibliophile, someone who loves books ('philos' is the Greek for love), wouldn't want to let a biblioklept anywhere near his library.


Happy Families


4 line rhyming poem

Key Stage

KS1, KS2


Patrick Winstanley

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